OOC: Belated (or Early) Friday Five – Time is on Our Side

Last Friday, Too Many Annas posted her Friday Five, with some prompts for people to answer about their characters. Since this blogging exercise is all about exploring my character from start until the bitter end, whenever that may be, these separate exercises exploring my character are not only valuable, but fun as well. So I am going to attempt to answer these prompts from my character’s perspective, albeit a little bit late.

  • Is your character usually early, on time, or late?  What does he or she expect from other people with regards to time?

I would say that Laila really isn’t a stickler for time. She’s not habitually late, but doesn’t pay attention enough to always arrive early. I would say she’s generally on time, with the possibility to be a few minutes late or early, as she doesn’t particularly try for punctuality.

She also has no expectations from others with regard to time, except that you not stand her up or keep her waiting for an amount of time that becomes rude. She probably won’t even notice if someone is five or ten minutes late, but if you keep her sitting around for 30 minutes or more, except some stormclouds when you finally do show up.

  • Is your character a morning sparrow or a night owl?  Is this their nature, or have they trained themselves to it?

Laila is neither a morning person or a nocturnal person, although by training she has become accustomed to waking up early and going to bed early. She grew up in an abbey, so she had to keep the schedule of inhabitants. Left to her own devices, she would probably wake up naturally around 8:30 or 9:00 and stay up a little past the normal bedtime. Perhaps around 11:00 or midnight.

  • Does your character carry a time-keeping device? (watch, pocket watch, chronometer, gnomish buzzbox with digital clock peripheral)

No, she’s never heard of any such thing and would be astounded if she were to see one. But she’s not overly concerned with time, so she probably would get really excited about it, ask a lot of questions, and then quickly lose interest.

  • How does your character deal with the Bronze Dragonflight – does he or she take them seriously?  take the Caverns of Time seriously?

She has not yet encountered the Bronze Dragonflight, and there’s no telling how she will react if she ever does. If she were to stumble upon it today, she would probably be willing to listen, and once shown the past, she would probably take it seriously.

  • What does your character eat for breakfast on a “normal morning”? (whenever that “morning” happens to take place)

Something light. At the moment she is living in an inn and her keep is being paid by the Stormwind Army, so she eats whatever breakfast that entitles her to. I imagine bread, cheese, and some kind of meat most days.


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